Campaign Finance

Running for office costs money.  That is the reality. But the reality has gotten out of hand.

Campaigning for public office has become too slick, too costly, and too tainted by special interests. Budgets of over $100,000 for a state representative’s race are not unusual, and that is ridiculous.

My campaign is going to rely on my record, my policy positions, and my sparkling personality.  You’ll not be receiving any slick flyers from me (well, maybe one – if I make it onto the ballot), and you’ll not be getting any breathless last minute appeals for donations prior to my midnight deadlines.  Notwithstanding Citizens United, I do not accept corporate or labor union contributions.  I do, however, accept the voluntary spending limits provided for by Colorado law.

That said, I do need five figures worth of total donations to mount a credible campaign, so your financial support will be deeply appreciated.  You can donate by credit card through either PayPal or ActBlue by clicking on the button of your choice below.  Colorado law limits individual contributions to $400 per candidate, but any amount will be sincerely appreciated.

If you prefer to send a check made out to THE LOUIS IRWIN COMMITTEE, please mail it (along with your occupation and the name of your current employer for donations of $100 or more), to:

1551 Larimer Street #2703
Denver, CO 80202
Equally important with financial support is your endorsement.  For voters who know you but not me personally, your endorsement is an invaluable form of currency.  Please click on my contact page and leave me your statement of endorsement.  If you want to say a few kind words, that would be lovely  but unnecessary, as long as I get your name, and title if appropriate, just as you want to see it in print.

My endorsements to date include the following:
   State Senator Irene Aguilar
   State Representative Susan Lontine
   Mary Brice
   Kevin Cheney
   Tom Daggett
   Betsy Daniel
   Jean Grattet
   Roger Kilgore
   Tom Lovvorn
   Charles Norris
   Dick Peterson
   Anna Powell
   Susan Richardson
Please see my blog page for testimonials